New Youth Drama Class In Prince George’s

Jamila Odom has started a drama class for the youth of Upper Marlboro in the hopes to inspire creativity.

During the first meeting of a new Upper Marlboro drama class, acting teacher Jamila Odom handed 10-year-old Jabari Ferrell, who lives in Upper Marlboro, a card with the word “cold” written on it.

He thought for a moment and then, without speaking, began to shiver, rubbing his arms and chattering his teeth.

The nine other youngsters gathered Feb. 24 in the cafeteria at Melwood Elementary School shouted, “Cold!” and Jabari, a fifth-grader at Excellence Christian School in Upper Marlboro, sat down. One by one, the students took turns acting without words, with Odom coaching them through more complex emotions like “confused” and “grumpy.”

Odom, 35, who lives in Clinton and studied communications and theater in college, said she came up with the idea to start the Act Your Best drama program after realizing there weren’t many options around Clinton and Upper Marlboro for her own daughter, Jada, 10, who is interested in pursuing acting.

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